Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new venture!

So blogging is a new venture for me! My friend Jana with Twig Decor encouraged me to try it and it sounded like fun! I am a new mother to a 3 1/2 month old little girl (who is my world, by the way) and have been enjoying staying home with her. As I learn to handle motherhood I have become interested in persuing some of my hobbies a little further. Included in those hobbies are sewing and trying to work on my home a little bit at a time. Of course now everything takes several hours to get done, due to my little one!

Let me welcome you to my home and show you around a little! My husband and I bought a 1929 bungalow in Kalispell, MT awhile back and have been slowly working on it to make it our own. When we first saw the house it had 6 adults, a baby and a poorly house-trained chihuahua living in it. Keep in mind it is a two bedroom, one bath home and not very large! The house smelled like all of the above mixed with vinegar, as one of the guys had decided to clean his coffee pot at the exact time the house was to be shown.

My response was to paste on a smile, say "uh-huh" and nod and then get out as soon as possible! My husband however decided he really liked the place, so we went back to see it again... and it looked and smelled the same. Anyway, after much convincing on his part, we bought the house. I scrubbed the ceilings, walls and floors down with amonia and we began moving in! One by one we have repainted most of the rooms with only our bedroom and the kitchen left to do!

In my research about Bungalows I found this quote "(Bungalows were designed) to substitute the luxury of taste for the luxury of costliness; to teach that beauty does not imply elaboration or ornament; to employ only those forms and materials which make for simplicity, individuality and dignity of effect." - Gustav Stickley. Sounds like a good goal to me!

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